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We are in the process of updating our help guides. In the past few months, there have been many upgrades to the app, so we apologise if the instructions do not match your use. If you are having trouble location or using a feature, please use the in-app chat feature to get in touch with the Trade Trak development team.

The orders API main endpoint is [https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/order](https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/order)
and the following functions are currently available.

Create order

  • Endpoint: https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/order/create
  • Request Data: A JSON object containing the following information. Required fields are prefixed with an asterisk (*)
     *"issued_on": "The date the order is issued on (can be backdated), in format 'yyyy-mm-dd' e.g. 2018-08-30",
     "supplier": "If you know the supplier ID then pass this in, if you pass in -1 this order will be assigned to a generic supplier named 'UNASSIGNED'. Alternatively, pass through the text version of the supplier name.",
     "ordered_by": "The full name of the trade trak user this order has been created by, if not entered the authorised company owner is used",
     *"type": "The type of the order, either 'material' or 'purchase'",
     *"name": "A user friendly name to give this order",
     "description": "A description for this quote - string",
     "notes": "Notes about the quote - string",
     "job": Job ID returned from the job create/list function - integer,
     *"tax_exclusive": true/false,
     "delivery_address":"If the order needs to be delivered somewhere you can pass in an address string here",
     "required_by": "If the order is required by a certain date enter it here in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd'",
     "share_to": "An optional email to share this order with once it is created",
     *"items": [
              "sku": "SKU of a product within Trade Trak - use either this field OR description and cost fields",
              "use_retail": For use with the "sku" field, tells the API whether to use the retail price or cost price of a product. Defaults to true if not passed - boolean,
              "description": "Description for the quote item, this will be ignored if the `sku` field is used",
              "cost": Unit cost of the item, this will be rounded to 2 decimal places, this will be ignored if the `sku` field is used,
              "quantity": Quantity of item, this will not be rounded at all,
              "units": String - unit of measurement for the item,
              "tax": [
                      "name": "Name of the tax rate",
                      "rate": Tax rate percentage (Between 0 and 100)
              "section": 0 Index number related to sections (see below) - int
              "notes": "If this field is used the order notes field will have the following appended to it `<product description/sku>: <product notes>`"
    "attachments": [
            "link": "URL of the item to attach",
            "extenstion": "The file extension of the attachment without leading `.`",
            "name": "Filename of the attachment without extension"
  • Request Type: POST
  • Returned Data: Returns order information for created order, or an array containing error information if the order wasn't created successfully. See List orders for data returned.
  • Possible Errors:
    • Unable to find a product with the SKU: This error is returned if a material order request is supplied with a product SKU that doesn't exist. Purchase orders will not have this validation performed.

List orders

  • Endpoint: https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/orderlist
  • Request Data: None
  • Request Type: GET
  • Returned Data: Returns order information for all orders for company.
     "id": "1",
     "order_number": "The order number",
     "type": "`MO` or `PO`",
     "name": "Order name",
     "supplier": "Supplier name",
     "issued_on": "2018-08-30",
     "total_amount": 536.24,
     "description": "A description for this order",
     "notes": "Some notes",
     "tax_exclusive": true,
     "items": [
              "description": "A part",
              "cost": 149.99,
              "units": 1,
              "sub_total": 149.99,
              "gst": 15.00,
              "total": 164.99,
              "description": "Labour",
              "cost": 75.00,
              "units": 4.5,
              "sub_total": 337.50,
              "gst": 33.75,
              "total": 371.25,
     "job": Job details if order is assigned to a job (see job api documentation),

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