Custom Fields

Please note:
This version of the Trade Trak API is deprecated and will be switched off on the 30th of June 2022. For our updated API please see:

The Custom Fields API endpoint is and the following functions are currently available.

Get Available Custom Fields

  • Endpoint:
  • Optional Parameters:
    • type - either job or client
  • Request Type: GET
  • Returned Data:
         "id": "Field Identifier", 
         "name": "Field Name", 
         "type": "Either `job` or `client`", 
         "field_type": "Either `text`, `number`, `checkbox` or `dropdown`", 
         "show_on_pdf": true/false, 
         "show_in_filter": true/false, 
         "show_on_job_cal": true/false, 
         "available_to_subbie": true/false, 
         "is_required": true/false, 
         "data": {
             "max_text_length": "The max length of a string entered for text fields", 
             "min_number_value": "Minimum numeric value for number fields", 
             "max_number_value": "Maximum numeric value for number fields", 
             "select_options": "An array of possible options for dropdown fields"

Using Custom Fields in other requests

  • Append the following data to create request JSON body
    <existing request data>,
    "custom_fields": [
            "id": "The custom field identifier",
            "value": "Value for field"

If there are any issues with the values entered for the custom fields an error will be returned and the object creation will be cancelled.

May 2, 2022

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