Adding Expenses


Trade Trak’s expenses features can be a useful way of keeping track of your company’s outgoing costs for each job. See exactly where your money is going, without having to keep receipts from years past.

1) Accessing Expenses in Jobs

To access expenses, you can will need to select 'Finances' from the top navigation bar, and from the drop-down menu that appears, click on 'Expenses'.

Expenses can also be accessed from within an individual job. On the left-hand side navigation bar of any job, there will be an expenses feature. This will only show the expenses that have been applied to this job.

Expenses 1

2) Add Expenses

To add a new expense to a job, click ‘Create Expense’. Here you will be directed to fill in various details about the expense. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.


  • Job * (select from a drop-down menu)
  • Date (calendar view) *
  • Total Amount *
  • Description
  • Supplier *
  • Include GST (yes/no)
  • Expense Account
  • Drag Files to Upload or Browse Files
  • Select an Existing File

When satisfied with the data entered, select ‘Add’ and your expenses will be saved.

Expenses 2

3) Expenses Features

Once your expense has been created on the app, you can edit it, create a task for it, or delete it by clicking on the ‘...’ button.

Expenses 3